All the reasons you should ABSOLUTELY book the Sheraton Iguazu!

One of the big influencing factors when I decided to make the long journey from Hawaii to Iguazu Falls was the prime location of the hotel that Ronna had booked for us. The Sheraton Iguazu is the only hotel located inside Iguazu Park, and that meant a whole lot of upside! This is a postcard I bought in the hotel lobby that shows the proximity of the hotel (the white building) to the waterfalls. The waterfall in the very back is called “Devil’s Throat,” and it is split into thirds by the country borders. The left side of the falls is actually Brazil, somewhere in the center is Paraguay, and the upper right is where Argentina begins. You can actually see a boardwalk on the Argentinian side of the falls on the upper river. Isn’t it neat that you’re actually looking at 3 countries in this one pic?

photo 1

Ronna’s got a relative who works at the Sheraton so we were fortunate to get an associate’s rate at the hotel. You can read more about that in this post, but since most people won’t be able to get that rate, I won’t go into detail about it. I will say that you should plan ahead and pay for your room in cash, utilizing the country’s Blue Dolar rate, which I outlined the benefits of in the aforementioned post. This shaved more than a third off of our total bill. shearton (1)

Here we are arriving at the property. shearton (2)

The hotel blows your mind right from the get-go. There’s a lot of anticipation that builds as you fly into Iguazu and see the waterfall upon  your descent into the town. You’ve been waiting your whole life to see them, and you have no idea what to expect. And then you get to the front desk at the Sheraton and catch your first glimpse of the falls. Yup, they’re just right there, visible 24 hours a day from the front desk and pretty much everywhere else on the property. Needless to say, it makes checking in a little distracting.shearton (3)

Here’s another shot of the falls from the property. This would be the Brazilian side of the falls.shearton (4)

And if the view weren’t enough, there’s a pool and requisite pool bar fronting the falls. And the pool is heated, which may or may not come in handy, depending on the weather (which changes at any given moment). You might wonder how much time you’d have to lounge at the pool when you’re trying to explore Iguazu. Well we were there for 2 nights and 3 days and we found the time.

shearton (5)

This is one of those occasions where we were stoked the pool was heated. The sky started crackling and we thought for sure that it was going to start pouring. It never did, but the cloud cover was enough to really up the game on a nice dip in a heated pool. DCIM101GOPROGOPR1100.

Me and RonDawg on our first night in Iguazu. We had just gone on the most epic boat ride of our lives and spent a good hour or two down at the falls by ourselves, and got cleaned up for a nice meal. I should note here that one of the biggest advantages of booking a room here is the exclusive access to the park. Everyone else in Iguazu presumably stays in the town. We didn’t actually leave the property, so we didn’t see it, but from what I hear, we weren’t missing much. Non-Sheraton hotel guests have to enter the public park every day, which is only open from 8 am to 6 pm. This means two things: 1) Guests only have to pay the park entrance fee once, rather than daily; and 2) You can easily find yourselves alone in the park if you arrive early enough and stay late enough. The park entrance is quite a bit a ways from the actual waterfall, while the entrance to the park is just at the perimeter of the hotel property. We’d often find ourselves wandering around alone as all the other visitors scurried to get to the bus. Furthermore, it’s not at all difficult to explore the park before and after the designated hours, if you’re so inclined. From what we could tell, it probably happens a lot. shearton (7)

The falls make for a scenic backdrop for your travel portraits =) shearton (8)

Our favorite spot to hang out was the upstairs lobby bar. It’s an outdoor patio where you can sit and watch the sunset over the falls. This is the view.shearton (9)

We took full advantage of both the patio and our associate benefits, which included half off of all food and drinks. Oh, if I had one complaint (and really this is just a big first world problem), it would be that the hotel wasn’t designed very well. Granted, it was probably built in the 80s, but it’s worth a little time renovating. The railings in this pic, for example, are very thick and are in your direct line of sight as you’re sitting. A simple fix would be to do away with the bars and just do a glass rail. Or opt for higher bar-style seating, which wouldn’t be as comfortable. Something about sitting in those comfy chairs, instagramming your shots and recapping the highlights, just felt like the perfect way to end each day.shearton (12)

We made friends with our server, who ever so politely informed us that we had “ordered too much food.” Nonsense, we said. shearton (10)

And then the food came. shearton (13)

“Okay, maybe we did over order a little,” said Ron Diggity. (That club sandwich, btw, is everything).shearton (14)

Did I mention the sunsets from the balcony are pretty epic? shearton (15)

The weather in Iguazu can be a little shifty. While we were there it was primarily hot, muggy, and sunny. The mornings, however, are really misty and foggy (which, in my opinion, makes for great moody waterfall pics). Then the rainstorms. Those seem to swoop in at a moment’s notice. I would pack accordingly and be prepared for anything. It is a jungle, after all. shearton (16)

Just one more sunset photo …shearton (17)

Oh, and did I mention the free continental breakfast with fresh squeezed juice and champagne??? If you’ve been following my blog long enough, you know that complimentary breakfast is one of my fave parts of traveling. This buffet did not leave me wanting. And they had a great mix of local and American fare, including the crepes stuffed with Argentinian Dulce De Leche. YUM.

shearton (18)

I did take one photo of our room with my GoPro. Nothing too fancy here, but then again we didn’t spend much time in here. Oh, I will mention that the water pressure wasn’t that great and it was one of those showers with no doors, so if you’re not careful, water gets everywhere.DCIM100GOPROG0110154.

Another moody pool shot with my GoPro. DCIM101GOPROGOPR1103.

Neither Ronna or I are big fans of birds, but we have to say, they have some really beautiful ones in Argentina. We saw so many birds with so many colors, like this blue-eyebrowed beauty that wouldn’t leave us alone on the pool deck. Finally, I tossed him a French fry so he’d get close enough for a quick shot with my phone. Not the greatest pic, but you can see how he is clearly much prettier than the dirty pigeons we have here in Hawaii. shearton (21)

I know I’ve been ranting and raving about the club sandwich, but this was actually my favorite meal there. I ordered “shrimp quesadillas,” which I expected to have small frozen shrimps and processed cheese. Nope. These quesadillas were made with large chunks of perfectly cooked shrimp tossed in a nice mix of herbs and slathered with a realllly good tomato salsa slaw. The tortillas were perfectly crisped too. It was sheer heaven. shearton (22)

On the second night, the weather was a little wet so we opted to dine indoors instead of the patio. Lucky for us, our main man was still willing to wait on us 😉  BTW – Argentinian wines are great, and not just the Malbecs. We had a cab and a pinot noir that were really good, especially for how cheap they were. With the Blue Dolar rate, less than $10 a bottle!

shearton (25)

We did this a lot. That balcony was kind of made for selfies 😉 shearton (28)

The clouds whip up all sorts of cool shapes and patterns out this way. I was mesmerized and wished that I had more time to do a good timelapse vid.shearton (30)

Okayyyy. One more pic of the pool with the falls in the background, if you insist … shearton (31)

And then, faster than you know it, it was time to checkout. At least this is the last thing you see when you leave.  Oh, btw, the hotel also arranges for a private taxi to come and pick you up and drop you back off to the airport, which is conveniently located just outside of the park, about 10 minutes away. It’s not free, but it’s pretty cheap. And air conditioned =)shearton (32)

After checking out, I ran out to the patio to send one final snapchat to my friends back home.

sheraton (33)

And well, that’s about it. If you have any questions at all about the Sheraton Iguazu or this trip in general, feel free to email or leave a comment! And be sure to check out my other posts on Iguazu Falls, like this one, on How to do Argentina on the Cheap, and my Top 29 photos from Iguazu!


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