Amsterdam, the Cannabis Capital of the World

During my law school study abroad, we spent a great deal of time in the Netherlands and its surrounding parts. We made our way through Amsterdam, and it’s safe to say that it lives up to its reputation as the Cannabis Capital of the World. We did a bunch of things in Amsterdam … rode bikes like the locals, saw Anne Frank’s hideout and the Heineken Factory, and strolled through the infamous Red Light District. But since it’s the number one reason people want to visit Amsterdam, I’ll just go ahead and share a little bit of the city’s pot culture with you.

You’ll find hundreds of these “coffee shops” in Amsterdam. They’re basically coffee shops that happen to sell coffee … and pot. Amongst other things. And just like regular coffee shops, people have their favorites and each one has a distinct vibe.

IMG_2221 (Small)

And then there are seed shops for those who want to grow their own. IMG_0852 (Small)

And everywhere you go there are pot products and paraphernalia. DSC_2898 (Small)

DSC_2899 (Small)

DSC_2896 (Small)

DSC_2900 (Small)

IMG_0851 (Small)

DSC_2897 (Small)

The smart stores aren’t as ubiquitous as coffee shops, but they’re not hard to find. They sell, well, these things …

IMG_2222 (Small)

That’s right, you can buy magic mushrooms in Amsterdam alongside your pot.

IMG_0862 (Small)

And in case you’re wondering, this is how it works. There’s a menu that describes just how potent each strain is. Interestingly enough, they have a “Hawaian” [sic] version that is the strongest strain and will set you back about 25 euro.

IMG_0864 (Small)

You literally can’t escape it here. IMG_0841 (Small)

A Rasta coffee shop that caters to Japanese tourists.

P1000085 (Small)

DSC_2903 (Small)

Some of the seed shops also have plants growing indoors.

IMG_0848 (Small)

I talked story with one of the “baristas” (??) at one of the shops and he let me shoot some of the buds he was cutting up. They’ve also got really good fresh juice in some of the shops.

IMG_0887 (Small)

You can see here how varying the costs for seeds are. 19 – 69 euro per pack.IMG_0849 (Small)

And well, that about sums up the pot culture in Amsterdam. And for those of you curious about the Red Light District, well, that you’re going to have to see for yourself, because the cops are very strict about their “no photography” rule. I snuck this one blurry image because there weren’t any of the ladies in it, but I’ve heard stories of the cops tossing your camera in the river if you get busted. Definitely a very interesting place to peruse at least once in your life.IMG_0913 (Small)


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