Australia in 2013

Toward the end of 2013, I got the opportunity to do a quick hit & run trip to Brisbane with my cousin Kunane & his gf Megan. It was to be a SUPER fast one … arrive in Australia 4:30 pm Friday and depart 6:30 pm Sunday. But hey – far be it from me to turn down a highly doable international trip.

I’ve never really wanted to go to Brisbane (as opposed to Sydney, which I’ve been getting anxious for), but I gotta say … it’s a gorgeous city.

Anyway, you all know there’s one thing and one thing only that I was dying to do when I got to Australia.


Nope, not just look at koalas. Snuggle a koala. I mean, that’s on the top of everyone’s bucket list, isn’t it?!?!? Snuggle Koala … CHECK.


Okayyyy … two things I wanted to do. Snuggle a koala and take a selfie with a ‘roo.


Brisbane skyline from my hotel room.tumblr_inline_mteiy4pQq61qmmbd9

This is my cousin Kunane and he’s just one of the coolest guys ever. Like, ever.


His girlfriend Megan ain’t half bad either 😉tumblr_inline_mteimbfoJR1qmmbd9

I couldn’t believe how many of these kangaroos were just cruising around. They were unbelievably soft too.


Meat Pies. Do I really need to say anything more?



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