Bears in Bern, Switzerland

In 2011 I flew to Munich to visit my friend Rena, who was living there at the time. We were only going to visit Munich and Ireland, but at the last minute, Rena suggested we do a quick side trip to Switzerland to visit a friend she had living in Zurich. She also had a friend in Bern who invited us to spend a night, so we stopped there for a hot second as well. Here we are in Switzerland, with the Swiss Alps in the background. How ’bout those Ireland shirts 😉

DSC_8613 (Small)

Europe in the fall is just so gorgeous. DSC_8756 (Small)

Unbeknownst to me prior to visiting Bern, it’s actually the capital of Switzerland! Unlike most capitols of major European countries, it’s a quaint and charming town (with just over 130,000 people). Legend has it that Bern was named by the man who discovered the town, after declaring “I’m going to name this town after the first animal I see in it,” which happened to be a bear. And while we didn’t see any wild bears running around everywhere, there is a part of the city where they have several bears on display in the semi-wild. You can see one of them lounging in the pic below. DSC_8639 (Small)

Bern itself is such a charming town and most of it sits on the river front. The colors of the village matched the leaves of the trees in the fall. DSC_8689 (Small)

We don’t really have seasons in Hawaii and the leaves don’t change colors, so it’s kind of my favorite time to travel. DSC_8722 (Small)

To the right of this photo is the tiered area where they keep the bears. They must be really, really chill because there isn’t much separating the bears from the humans.DSC_8699 (Small)

There were some cute ones, like this guy playing hide-and-seek.

DSC_8681 (Small)

More of the fall leaves that I love. DSC_8726 (Small)

I couldn’t believe how close we were to the bears. If this guy wanted to he easily could have gotten over the fence and licked my face.DSC_8658 (Small)

The city of Bern has a unique architectural style that I haven’t really seen anywhere else in the world. Every several blocks there are these fountains that you can see in the middle of this road. The fountains pump water underneath the street, which you can see from above.DSC_8614 (Small)

This is where the water from the fountain flows beneath the center of the city streets.

DSC_8621 (Small)

It’s such a picturesque town, ain’t it?DSC_8642a (Small)

Amsterdam is well known for its love of all things marijuana, but we discovered that Switzerland shares the affinity. Here’s a small selection of their pot-infused alcoholic bevvies. DSC_8627 (Small)

We weren’t in Switzerland very long, otherwise I definitely would have wanted to get a much closer view of these majestic mountains. DSC_8600 (Small)

In case you were wondering, swiss chocolate is exactly as good as you’d think would taste. And it pairs very nicely with a nice bottle of red (or two). DSC_8743 (Small)

After Bern we caught a train over to Zurich. We passed a couple of these castles along the way. DSC_8752 (Small)

I’m a big fan of trains, especially comfy ones with lots of open seats. We lucked out on this train and even saw a beautiful sunset to boot. Stay tuned for an upcoming post on our trip to Zurich, where we attended a fondue & wine festival on Lake Zurich and visited a Persian nightclub VIP style. DSC_8761 (Small)


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