Bullfighting in Madrid

Darcie and I attended a bullfight in Spain and call me naïve, but I had no idea of what actually went down at a bullfight before I went to one. In other words, I didn’t realize the bull died, or that the “bull fighter” leveled the playing field by stabbing the bull a few times before the match even started. I knew that a guy in fancy attire comes out and waves a cape around to rile the bull up, and honestly, that’s what I thought we were getting ourselves into.

Now would be a good time to warn you, some of these pics are pretty gruesome.

Spain & Portugal Nikon (51) (Small)

They have these little stations set up where the fighters can protect themselves if need be. Again, just another form of unfair fighting, if you ask me. Spain & Portugal Nikon (70) (Small)

To be clear, I’m no ta fan of bullfighting. I understand culture, and that they do things differently in other countries, but to me, bullfighting is particularly inhumane. Spain & Portugal Nikon (85) (Small)

Most of the crowd was local.

Spain & Portugal Nikon (87) (Small)

So you can see here, the bull is already bleeding when he comes out, this is because they’ve already stabbed him multiple times in order to give the fighter a fighting chance at “winning.”Spain & Portugal Nikon (90) (Small)

During the match, they poke the bull a few more times with these white knives.Spain & Portugal Nikon (92) (Small)

The poor bull just gets toyed with for people’s amusement while he’s on his death bed.Spain & Portugal Nikon (101) (Small)

A better view of the bleeding bull. Spain & Portugal Nikon (103) (Small)

And then eventually the white knives will end up killing the bull. Spain & Portugal Nikon (105) (Small)

And then they drag him off as ungloriously as they killed him.Spain & Portugal Nikon (106) (Small)

I don’t think too many people root for the bull, but we were.Spain & Portugal Nikon (108) (Small)

I mean, we didn’t want anyone to get injured, obviously, but we just felt so bad for these bulls.Spain & Portugal Nikon (109) (Small)

Look how many times the poor guy’s been stabbed already.Spain & Portugal Nikon (115) (Small)

=(Spain & Portugal Nikon (116) (Small)

If the fighter doesn’t succeed in killing the bull fast enough (they do countless matches throughout the day, so they have to move things along), then they will bring him a sword to finish the job once the bull is weak enough. You know … because things weren’t unfair enough as it is.Spain & Portugal Nikon (123) (Small)

Here he is stabbing the bull to death. Spain & Portugal Nikon (126) (Small)

Look how many of them it takes to kill one bull. Spain & Portugal Nikon (127) (Small)

I didn’t ask, but I’m guessing he’s keeping a souvenir here? Spain & Portugal Nikon (129) (Small)

And then again, they parade him around for show.Spain & Portugal Nikon (133) (Small)

So Darcie and I couldn’t stick around to watch more than two of these fights. It was painfully brutal and something we’ll never unsee. And again, I definitely have a deep level of respect for other cultures, but there’s a big movement even within Spain to get bullfighting banned. When we went to Barcelona, it was outlawed there and they were very much against the practice. In any event, if you must go, you’ll find these rings throughout much of Spain. This is the one we went to … the creatively named Plaza de Toros.

Spain & Portugal Nikon (138) (Small)



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