Canada in 2013

In 2013 I decided to combine my annual music festival trip with an international trip. Amanda and I headed far east to Montreal for the Osheaga Music Festival. As far as music festivals go, I really really think that Osheaga has got it together and it is my favorite fest today. The location, the people, the logistics, the range of talent (good mix of up-and-comers and brand name artists), and the overall vibe just really works.

This is the island where the fest happens. It’s a pretty sweet venue. (I didn’t shoot this pic, it’s courtesy of the Osheaga Music Festival web site).


Amanda and I getting ready to catch a headliner on the main stage.


I’m always a huge fan of up-and-coming artists on the electro stage. This is Kidnap Kid, who is getting a little more famous now, but last year when we went, his set was pretty empty, which is how I managed to get some real good close-ups.



I was also super stoked cuz we got to hang out with our boy JPatt & B-Roc, aka The Knocks. They played a killer set in the rain one day and let me just say, if you ever get the chance to see The Knocks, don’t pass it up.



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