Costa Rica in 2009

I spent the summer of 2009 living in Washington DC, and at the end of the summer, TiFunk and I found $300 roundtrip tickets to Costa Rica.  The catch was they were r/t from Chicago … so we took it upon ourselves to stop over in the Windy City and catch 3 days of Lollapalooza =)

Costa Rica was super fun. We visited the reggae beach town of Puerto Viejo, the desolate Tortuguero – named after the thousands of turtles that come here to lay eggs and repopulate, Cahuita national park, and the gritty capital city of San Jose.

Cahuita National Park was pretty amazing. We hiked it in the rain with this really cool local forest ranger.


In Puerto Viejo, we rented bikes (duh) and rode out to a wildlife forest reserve. We saw baby sloths, a one-legged kinkaju, monkeys, snakes, and even got to play with a young ocelot!!!!


This is one of my fave pics from this trip, for obvious reasons.



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