Den Haag in 2008

The Capitols of Europe program kicked off in The Hague (Den Haag in Dutch). The Netherlands is really gorgeous and I’m stoked that I got the opportunity to visit.

We visited several impressive courts during our trip, one of which was the International Court of Justice (ICJ).  While in school, I focused on international law and did some work at an international human rights firm in DC my second-year summer, so it was neat to visit these places where a lot of important international cases are heard. These are some of the people who were in the program with us. We got pretty close with some of the crew and I’ve even taken trips to see some of them over the years.


Den Haag has a really awesome beach in walking distance from our hotel. We headed there with some wine and some smiles and had one of the best nights ever. Deepan, Paul Z, Soph-Dawg, and Booper holding it down.tumblr_mcl1l6leMA1qmmbd9


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