Favorite Moments Part 1

These are just some of my favorite moments from my travels. I intend it to be the first in a series.

Jumping off the Sky Tower in Auckland New Zealand.(328 meters or 1,076 ft)

auckland, NZ 2004 (Large) (Small)

Playing with wild animals in Bali.

Bali - Jacy Bat (Small)

Bali - Jacy Snake 2 (Small)

Jet skiing across islands in Fiji and snorkeling with sharks.Beqa Island, fiji 2003 (Small)

Visiting the concentration camps in Auschwitz and Birkenau. DSC_2438 (Small)

Drinking wine under the Eiffel Tower at night.  DSC_2447 (Small)

Stopping to reflect at the remnants of the Berlin Wall. DSC_2809 (Small)

Snuggling a koala bear in Brisbane.  DSC_6133 (Small) And also a roo =)DSC_6344 (Small)

Watching the river surfers in Munich. DSC_7644 (Small)

Visiting Tara, the birthplace of Halloween, on Halloween. Dublin - Halloween 2011 095 (Small)

Elephant riding amongst the temples in Ayutthaya. Elephant Ride - Desktop (Small)

Golfing on the mud flats in Fiji.fiji mud golf (Small)

Swimming in a rooftop pool in Hong Kong. hong kong (Small)Going inside the gazebo and visiting all the locations in The Sound of Music. IMG_0456 (Small)

 Riding the gnarliest ride ever made in the world in Vienna, Austria.

IMG_0940 (Small)

Snuggling sloths in Costa Rica.IMG_7270 (Small)

Also snuggling ocelots in Costa Rica. IMG_7381 (Small)

Okay this one ranked really high. These things were like baby leopards.IMG_7397 (Small)

IMG_7398 (Small)

Canoe paddling around the island of Manhattan in a Hawaiian outrigger canoe.Liberty Challenge NY 2003 (Small) Impromptu wine & cheese festival spread across 6 boats on Lake Zurich.P1090155 (Small)

Jumping pic near the top of Mount Fuji.P1130744 (Small)

Just being in Venice. MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

Not keeping the leaning tower up.MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

Spending QT with Peruvian kids during a volunteer trip.Picture 160 (Small)

Hiking Red Rocks ini Vegas. Red Rock Canyon 05 (Small)

Island hopping in Tahiti. tahiti (Small)

Watching live kick boxing in Thailand. thailand - muy thai (Small)

Machu Picchu. The One - Machu Picchu 2006 (Large) (Small)

Watching planes “trap” onto the USS John C. Stennis Naval Carrier. MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

Drinking Holy Water at the Vatican and not sneaking pics in the Sistine Chapel. vatican city 05x (Large) (Small)

Swimming in the Danube River. vienna swim (Small)



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