Fiji in 2003

My friends Barbra and Jayson invited a bunch of us to Fiji for their wedding in 2003. To this day, it remains my only international destination wedding. It was one of my fave trips, and one of the most gorgeous places to visit!

On one of the boys surf days, the girls rented jet skis and crossed the ocean for 50 miles to get to Benqa island. The water was the most crystal clear blue water that I’ve ever seen and we stopped midway to go snorkeling. It was a really awesome experience until I ran into a shark. I mean, it was a baby one, but still …


There were about 40 or so people in our group, but this was kind of our foursome. Me, Ho’ala, Jen, and Donnie tore through those Fiji Bitters and had fun no matter where we were … but especially in the back of our taxi van with the driver who kept falling asleep. Cheers to the newlyweds!



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