Iceland’s Blue Lagoon … Believe the Hype

Unlike the wide majority of my trips, I did quite a bit of prepping for my Iceland trip. That involved reading a lot of travel blogs. One recurring theme you’ll find in most people’s blogs is the famous Blue Lagoon. Specifically, people all say it’s the most overrated tourist tap ever. I found part of that statement to be true. Yes, it is quite the tourist trap. People funnel in by the bus loads, most coming to or from the airport, since it’s located just nearby. That being said, I would definitely not call the Blue Lagoon overrated. Overpriced, almost definitely. Overrated, no way. I mean, just look at it:

DSC_8064 (Small)

Seriously, where else can you do this?? DSC_7876 (Small)

The first thing to say is that the water really is that blue. The second thing is that it isn’t actually a natural heated pond. The water is essentially runoff (albeit intentional) from the nearby geothermal plant. Lovely =)DSC_7891 (Small)

The Blue Lagoon is one of the reasons I bought a GoPro to take on this trip. I didn’t get to use it because I had already lost it by the time I got to the lagoon, but others had the same idea …DSC_7880 (Small)

I went on the one day of my trip that was cold and cloudy, making it the perfect time to go, as the water temperature ranges from 98 – 102 degrees fahrenheit (in other words, perfect hot tub temps).  The neat thing about it is the water temperature varies throughout the entire lagoon and it moves. You could be in 98 degree water one second and 102 the next without even having moved.DSC_7894 (Small)

There’s a big spa facility off to the right where they house a cafe, the entrance, the locker rooms and showers, a restaurant, and of course, a gift shop.DSC_7910 (Small)

There’s also all sorts of little nooks to explore.DSC_7911 (Small)

Some people bring their kids, which I don’t normally think is a problem if you’re watching them. People pay a nice chunk of money to come here and relax. If you bring your kids, you should probably keep them from screaming and otherwise accosting the other patrons.DSC_7927 (Small)

Oh yeah, you can get massages too, but be prepared to fork over some bucks.

IMG_8551 (Small)

Personally, I don’t really see how you could give someone a proper massage without having them turn over onto their belly to get the backside, but I’m guessing this is a different kind of experience. In any event, I didn’t pay to find out.DSC_7937 (Small)

So it gets crowded, but they limit the amount of people who can come in at any given time, so to me it didn’t feel crowded at all. In fact, when I got there it was quite busy, so I had to queue for about 30 minutes outside before they let us in. It’s a matter of space in the locker room. They’re incredibly hospitable while you wait. They offer you some hot tea or coffee in line (it can get pretty cold) and then as you near the gate to get inside, they hand out ice cream bars! DSC_7941 (Small)

This is my Blue Lagoon selfie. I was pretty rejuvenated at this point.DSC_7991 (Small)

It’d be so cool to work here and be able to come cruise with your friends after hours. I mean, that probably doesn’t happen in real life, but it would be really cool if it did.DSC_8039 (Small)

There’s a little hole in the wall that leads to the inside where the locker room area is, so you could completely avoid the cold air outside, I guess. But what’s the fun in that?

DSC_8048 (Small)

There’s also a restaurant, which I bypassed.DSC_8049 (Small)

If you go through the restaurant and upstairs you’ll get a nice view of the property. You can see the geothermal plant off in the distance. I hear they close this area off during some times of the day so I’d inquire even if you don’t see people up there. When I went, I was the only one there.DSC_8099 (Small)

Rough life.P1060814 (Small)


Oh lastly, they have these boxes of some clay-like substance around the lagoon. They say the mask is really good for your skin, so I gave it a shot. Honestly, my skin felt fantastic after I rinsed it off, which was a little tricky to do without getting my hair wet. That’s the other advice pretty much everyone gives you. The water smells of sulfur something fierce and if you can avoid the temptation of getting your hair wet, everyone advises against it. I didn’t want to reek of sulfur for a week so I heeded the advice. So yeah, if you ever get to Iceland, go to the Blue Lagoon. P1060801a (Small)


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