I’m YouTube Famous (kinda sorta)!!!

3 - Mexico (3) (Small)From time to time I like to post some of travel (and non-travel-related) videos on a little ‘ole site called YouTube. You can check out my page here if your’e so inclined. I’m very sporadic with the posts, so I don’t log on as often as I do with my other social media accounts. That’s why it was almost shocking to me to learn that one of my videos has more than 26,000 plays. I mean, I know that’s far from a viral sensation, but it’s the first video I’ve ever posted that  you have to watch an ad to view!

3 - Mexico (2) (Small)The video is a short compilation of clips from my trip to the Hidden Beach Cave in Mexico.  I posted it several months ago, so I was kind of surprised that it had gotten so many views. I did a little digging and discovered that it was recently posted by the popular road trip planning app/site, RoadTrippers.com. Here’s a link to their post featuring my video. That article brought in a little under 1,000 views. The real driver, however, was a result of a post by what appears to be an Israeli media outlet. Unfortunately, the entire site is in Hebrew (which I can’t read), so I can’t figure out where the link to my video would be. I did manage to figure out where the travel section is, and I’m guessing that’s where it would be, so if you can read Hebrew, have at it! If you find it, please do shoot me the link in the comments!


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