Lollapalooza 2009: Day One

This is a throwback to my very first music festival ever, Lollapalooza in 2009 with TiFunk. We did a quick stop in Chicago for the festival on our way to Costa Rica.  This will be an atypical post in that I’m pretty much ripping the content off of my old blog, where it was originally posted. Please keep in mind, I posted it while we were in Costa Rica, we were kicking it in the hammock in our B&B, listening to the birds and getting ready to head out to the local reggae bar.  I was braindead from all the traveling and mayhem, so I had Tiff help me with the captioning. It was an experiment, you let me know if it worked or failed =)

T: On our waaaayyy …
J: Can you tell how excited we were? Three days of some really amazing bands?!?!
(Good to note here, that Friday was really, really wet and rainy. We weren’t expecting it, but we did love and appreciate it! Especially since Saturday and Sunday were nearly 100 degrees, hot and sweaty!!)a (1) (Small)

T: I almost peed my pants with excitement. Although, ironically enough, I didn’t pee once at Lollapalooza the first day.
J: Damn, wish I could say the same.a (2) (Small)

T: I got nothing. Just very wet.
J: I actually think this is the driest we looked that day.a (3) (Small)

T: Not so hot city skyline.a (4) (Small)

T: Whoa. Lolla Gear.
J: I picked up a sweet Lolla shirt. Really wanted a hoodie tho.
T: I got a sweet Arctic Monkeys shirt.a (5) (Small)

The Virgins
T: I enjoyed them more than I thought I would.
J: I was just glad we caught Rich Girls.
T: Time to hit the bar. a (6) (Small)

Sound Tribe Sector Nine (STS9)
T: They were so good. Blew my mind.
J: Matty was super right. These guys put on an unreal live show. Amazing.
T: The drummer was fucking tight.
J: We can’t swear on the blog.
T: Buahahaha.
J: Muahahhaa.a (7) (Small)

T/J: More STS9a (8) (Small)

T: Our new Lolla hats. People were fucking digging it.
J: Dude, STOP SWEARING on the blog. But yeah, they were.
a (9) (Small)
T: The drummer was actually kinda hot.a (10) (Small)

T: See what I mean?a (11) (Small)

J: Crowd Surfing.a (12) (Small)
T: The guy behind me’s got better gear.
J: Nah, you rock that hat.

a (13) (Small)

J: STS9’s all about the lights. Amazing light show. Good call, Matty.
T: Light and smoke. And I think the smoke might not have been coming from the stage.a (14) (Small)

T: Hard to tell.
J: BassNectar did a couple of sweet STS9 Remixes. Music to my ears.a (15) (Small)

T: Awww, I lost my koozie =(
J: There goes my $2.a (16) (Small)

Crystal Castles
J: Definitely in my Top 5 performances of the entire 3 days.
T: I don’t even remember that show.a (17) (Small)

J: Crystal Castles seriously killed it. You got anything?
T: Like I said, Don’t remember.a (18) (Small)

J: Friday was the first day so it wasn’t that packed.
T: And it was the only day they had 24 oz beers.a (19) (Small)

J: You look pretty good for not remembering.
T: Oh, I remember this! Wait – who is that again?a (20) (Small)

The Bloody Beetroots
T: Who is this?
J: The Bloody Beetroots!
T: OOoOoOOOOOhhh. Okay, I remember.a (21) (Small)

The adidas wall.a (22) (Small)

J: We only caught a couple songs.a (23) (Small)

T: Wow, Dave looks drenched.
J: We should mention here that, although we were on different itineraries most of the time, we actually hit the concert with Tiff’s bro, Jon, his gf Jen, and college buddy Dave.a (24) (Small)

J: Hammock Haven. We heart hammocks!!
T: I just bought a hammock in Costa Rica!a (25) (Small)

T: Refill!a (26) (Small)

J: Friday was a muddy, hot mess.a (27) (Small)

Thievery Corporation
T: Thieeverrryy!!
J: Corrrrpppp!!!a (28) (Small)

J: These guys put on a badass show.
T: Ho, stop swearing!a (29) (Small)
J: Take our picture! Take our picture!a (30) (Small)

T: Now your hat looks too big.
J: It looks perfectly normal sized, thank you.a (31) (Small)

J: I feel like I need you to do this one.
T: What?

a (32) (Small)

J: Okay, here we go. So as I mentioned, Friday was SUPER wet and muddy.a (33) (Small)

J: So muddy in fact, that I decided to shoot a few pics of TiFunk & Dave, trekking it through the mud, just to document how muddy it was. This was the first pic in the series.a (34) (Small)

J: Second pic in the series. Still just walkin’ along …a (35) (Small)

And then …. Boom! Down she went!
Haph: I’m surprised my sweater didn’t get dirty.
J: Yeah I’m pretty sure it’s cuz you face planted.
Haph: No, it was my hands! I remember my hands being really muddy.
J: I’m pretty proud of my photography skills.a (36) (Small)

Peter Bjorn and John
T: Their t-shirt said “Peter Bjorn & John T-Shirt.”
J: I decided I only really like one song of theirs. But I do like it a lot.

a (37) (Small)

J: More Peter Bjorn. Hmm.a (38) (Small)

Of Montreal
T: Is it time to go yet?
J: Oh, you so had to be there.a (39) (Small)

T: I actually think that hat looks good on dave.
J: “Take our picture! Take our picture!”

a (40) (Small)

J: Even though Tiff kept wanting to move, Of Montreal put on a pretty good show.

a (41) (Small)

J: They had some pretty elaborate sets and costumes. Check out their monk gear.a (42) (Small)

J: They even had these crazy animations going on the jumbo screens.a (43) (Small)

T: Our Friday Crew.

a (44) (Small)

J: I find it amusing that this is the second time in a row Tiff missed this band. They played two bars down on the night of her Neon 25 =)
T: I didn’t really miss the band. I just don’t remember it.a (45) (Small)

T: I mean, I was there to take this picture, right?a (46) (Small)

T: Look at my feet!
J: Look at how happy we are! Lolla Day One, Baby!!

a (47) (Small)

J: Oh, here we go.
T: Okay, this is all you. (exits stage left to get ready for the reggae bars).a (48) (Small)

As I mentioned earlier, I was diggin on the DJs and ever since George Alfiler’s brother, Sam, mixed me the infamous SJA 2 Mix over winter break, I cannot get enough of Italian DJ Duo Crookers.a (49) (Small)

These guys Tore. It. Up. They were by far my fave DJs at Lolla, and overall, my second or third favorite performance of the entire three days.a (50) (Small)

I’m not even kidding you. They were sheer insanity. Especially when they played their smash hit, Knobbers.

a (51) (Small)

They had the crowd moving. So I neglected to tell you, but this was the first year that Lollapalooza had an expanded stage and world class DJs. The DJ stage, named after Lolla creator (and Jane’s Addiction frontman Perry Farrell), was the only stage in Grant Park to be spinning music non-stop during the 3 days. All the other stages had breaks in between performances.
a (52) (Small)

I mean The Bloody Beetroots, Crookers, BassNectar, Animal Collective, MSTRKRFT, DeadMau5 … They had the heavy hitter DJs spinning at Perry’s, and on top of all the live acts at Lolla, this stage was just gravy. The only way they could’ve made it better would be to have invited Benny Benassi!! a (53) (Small)
Tiff and Dave ditched Crookers to split time between Kings of Leon and Depeche Mode, but I wasn’t having it. So I made friends in the crowd … This is Scotty, with the broken arm.

a (54) (Small)

Kid Cudi
As soon as I saw Kid Cudi and Crookers overlapping in the lineup, I knew they were going to do the Crookers Remix of Cudi’s “Day and Nite.” I mean seriously, who gets to see that live? Um, practically no one. But I did!! a (55) (Small)

Kid Cudi is solid. He’s a great rapper and puts on a really solid performance. I was definitely feeling it, as was the entire crowd at Perry’s! Honestly, it’s pretty hard to put on a good rap show. I’ve only been to a few that I really liked, and most of them – with the exception of maybe Kanye – were back in the 90s. But mann, Cudi can rock it. I mean, You know you’re good when you and Snoop Dogg are the only two rap artists billed for Lollapalooza! (side note: he was only 25 at the time of this performance!!)a (56) (Small)

These are some of the better pics of Perry’s … You kind of had to be there, but you can tell from the pics how amazing it was!a (57) (Small)

Jared and Scotty, my Crookers/Kid Cudi buds.

a (58) (Small)

One of my fave parts of festivals … the art. a (59) (Small)

And that was almost a wrap. a (60) (Small)

We topped it off with a Chicago Deep Dish, and a short night’s rest before starting it all over again. As you can see that was an awesome first day!!! (stay tuned for days two and three) … a (61) (Small)



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