Luxembourg in 2008

We were in Luxembourg for about 4 days and although it’s a gorgeous place, there really isn’t a lot to do there outside of high-end shopping and eating kebobs. Fortunately for us, it was the week of the finals of the 2008 eurocup (and coincidentally, the week I first began my love affair with the German national team)!!

Every single day the entire time we were there, we’d hit up Knuedler, the town square, to join the rest of of Luxembourg to cheer on our fave teams. This was the final game when Spain took the title for the first time in decades.


Me and Booper would place bets every day and he was super stoked on winning this day. Faga is just always stoked, period.


Seriously, the whole town would come out and join us. This was the day Germany played Spain (but before we got our face paint). I am a huge Germany fan, so I was pretty bummed when they took this loss. Also, peep Kebob Mike’s aviators and circle scarf look in the back middle. He cracks me up.



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