Maui Sunrises v. Sunsets

When people ask me, “which do you like better – Maui sunsets or Maui sunrises?” I never know what to tell them. My friends and I did a girls trip to Maui last September and we stayed at the Sheraton in Ka’anapali. Every night we caught a killer sunset and one morning we woke up at 2 am to chase the sunrise at Haleakala Crater. These are the pics from this trip. Tell me if you can decide between the Maui sunsets and sunrises.

This is a Maui sunset.- wm (Small)

This is a Maui Sunrise.a4 - wm (Small)

This is a Maui Sunset.a3- wm (Small)

This is a Maui Sunrise.a - wm (Small)

Seriously, how do you choose?


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