Mexico Highlights

In the spring of 2014 my dad took the family on a cruise to Mexico. I’ll be honest, I’ve never wanted to go to Mexico. On my list of countries I’d most wanted to visit, it ranked pretty darn low. And not for any other reason than that there were a million other places I wanted to see first. But my dad booked the cruise and the next thing you know, I was off to Mexico. And boy am I glad I went, because Mexico – or at least parts of it – is straight up gorgeous. And the people are great too. We did a 7-day cruise through Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, and Mazatlan. I won’t spend   any time captioning these photos, but just know that they’re some of my faves from my trip. And if you like the pics of the hidden cave beach, be sure to check out my separate post on the Las Marietas Islands and the famous hidden cave beach.

IMG_8863 (Small)

IMG_8871 (Small)

IMG_8872 (Small)

IMG_8874 (Small)

IMG_8875 (Small)

IMG_8877 (Small)

IMG_8879 (Small) IMG_8881 (Small) IMG_8882 (Small) IMG_8884 (Small) IMG_8885 (Small)

IMG_8898 (Small) IMG_8906 (Small) IMG_8907 (Small)

IMG_8914 (Small)

IMG_8917 (Small)

IMG_8919 (Small)

IMG_8922 (Small)

IMG_8923 (Small)

IMG_8938 (Small)

IMG_8942 (Small)

IMG_8944 (Small)


IMG_8946 (Small)

IMG_8949 (Small)

IMG_8950 (Small)

IMG_8955 (Small)

IMG_8957 (Small)

IMG_8959 (Small)

IMG_8964 (Small)

IMG_8966 (Small)


IMG_8967 (Small)

IMG_8968 (Small)

IMG_8971 (Small)

IMG_8973 (Small) IMG_8974 (Small)

IMG_8978 (Small) IMG_8979 (Small)

IMG_8982 (Small) IMG_8983 (Small)

IMG_8985 (Small)

IMG_8988 (Small) IMG_8989 (Small)

IMG_8991 (Small)



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