Munich in 2011

When Julie and Craig moved  home from Australia, I had MASSIVE regrets about never having visited them. I didn’t want the same to happen with Rena, so last year I planned a trip out to Munich to visit her. I normally make it a point to never visit the same country twice, but seeing as how I skipped Munich on my last trip to Germany, I was okay with it. Plus, I just knew Rena and I were going to make the best of travel buddies.

The number one spot on my list of things to do in Munich was check out the famed Eisbach, home to the sport of River Surfing. It did not let me down.


Munich, like most major European cities, was the perfect mix of old charm and modern bustle.


Two of my absolute favorite things about my 2011 trip was drinking beer out of big steins at the world-famous Hofbrauhaus, and meeting this guy. The Best. Guy. Ever.



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