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DSC_0101 (Small)I thought for a bit about my first Kauai post. Having been born and raised there, I’ve been to a thousand different places and seen hundreds of things that I could write about. But I thought I should just start out by saying that this blog isn’t here to expose Kauai and all of its wonders. Oh don’t get me wrong – it’s far from a secret and I know it. The island’s population has more than doubled since I was growing up. And there are  no shortage of photos of pretty much every single waterfall, shoreline, and trail on Kauai. But to the extent that I can not contribute to the rampant Instagram culture that’s permeating there and revealing all of our former “secret spots,” I will.

So with that, please keep in mind that although I’ll be sharing my stories and photos, I won’t be posting names of spots that aren’t well known or descriptions on how to get there. Many of these spots are easily accessible, some of them are not. And if you can figure out how to get there on your own, more power to you. But please don’t ask me to guide you there.

And now with that out of the way, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite spots and some of the reasons why I’m so proud to be from this tiny island in the middle of the Pacific.

Even in this day and age of smart phones and social media, people on Kauai still take the time to go enjoy the outdoors. Granted, it’s with their GoPros to be posted to social media later (guilty as charged), but it’s still much better than staring at an iPad all day, ain’t it?P1020430 (Small)

We’re most famous for our beaches and mountain ranges, but Kauai also has Waimea Canyon, the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. And it is stunning. DSC_6096 (Small)

Hiking. Hiking. Hiking. Here’s a photo of me at the top of Waipo’o falls. DSC_6397 (Small)

Sometimes a little perspective is necessary. In the pic above, I’m standing right at the top of the main waterfall in this pic. As you can see in the previous shot, it was dry season and there wasn’t much water. Also, the shot below is not mine, it was shot by Tom Walsh.Waipoo%20Falls%20-%20Waimea%20Canyon

It’s not uncommon to find monk seals lounging about the island.DSC_0040 (Small)

Same goes for dolphins.DSC_0438-1b (Small)

And if this isn’t the best camping spot in the universe, I don’t know what is. DSC_6952 (Small)

Another shot of Waimea Canyon. IMG_6390 (Small)

This bay is where my family is from. My dad’s mom, who was 100% pure Hawaiian, grew up here with her siblings. It’s a very special place for my family. DSC_1946 (Small)

This is the beach at Allerton’s. You aren’t really allowed to go in the water from the beach side, but boats and kayakers can make their way in. Allertons Kauai 07 (7) (Small)

Hanalei Bay. One of the best spots in the world to watch the sunset. DSC_0008 (Small)

The people who live in this house are some of the most important people in my life. We’ve created some fond memories in this house. And some epic jump shots too. P1030702 (Small)

Kauai has no shortage of people to adventure with. This boy is one of  my all-time faves.

IMG_4085 (Small)

Hiking in the clouds. Barefoot. DSC_6236 (Small)

Oceans aren’t the only place you can use surfboards. IMG_4130 (Small)

Fishing. It’s not just a hobby, it’s a way of life. IMG_6440 (Small)

There are few sights that make me happier than edging around Kipu Kai to pull into the Lihue airport. Ahhh, home. IMG_6383 (Small)

Most of the roads on Kauai are single lane, and almost none of them have street lights. DSC_0088 (Small)

A lot of the roads can barely fit two cars on ’em. DSC_0093 (Small)

Yup, so that about sums up why I love my island home. I’ll be sharing more adventures from Kauai, but hopefully this was enough of a taste for a first post. P1020307 (Small)


2 thoughts on “My Kauai

  1. Baron

    One day I gotta show you the Blue Hole, Twin Tunnel/Twin Falls Trail, base of Opaekaa Falls, and my favorite campsite other than Kalalau named Lonomea Camp deep within Waimea Canyon. If you’ve never trekked down Kalepa Ridge, GO SEE IT!!!!

    1. SparkzTravels Post author

      I’m def looking forward to trekking all those spots with you on Kauai in the near future =) I’ll try get to some on my own, but guarantee will be way more fun with the Waterfall Hunter!

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