Salzburg in 2008

We were in Salzburg, Austria, for only two days and one night, but I wish it was so much longer. Salzburg is most famous for being home to The Sound of Music, and basically everywhere you look it feels as though you are in the movie. Rolling snow-capped hills, greenery, nice people. Ugh. I wanna go back!!!

Since we only had one full day to spend in Salzburg we had to make a critical decision. A bunch of us opted for The Sound of Music tour, and we got to see everything from the home to the gardens to the chapel to the gazebo!! It was pretty surreal. Check out the house!!!


The other half of the group opted for this insane hiking adventure up to Hitler’s “Eagle’s Nest” retreat. To this day I loathe the trip directors for not giving us more time in the lovely Salzburg so I could’ve done both!!



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