Spain in 2007

Just before starting law school, I took another trip to Western Europe with Darcie, this time hitting up Spain and Portugal.  We did Madrid and Barcelona, and greatly preferred the latter, although I did meet up with a Spanish relative in Madrid that I had never met or heard of before!

I should warn you that the next image is kind of gruesome/graphic, so skip it if you so choose.

You can call me naive, but prior to this trip, I never knew that the bulls die in a bullfight. I always assumed it was similar to a rodeo, where everything is just for show, and after the matador lets the bull chase him around the ring for a bit, everyone goes home happy. I was in for a real shock. Bullfighting is animal cruelty at its finest and it was pretty disturbing to see. We stuck around for as long as our stomachs could handle it – but that wasn’t long. I found out after that there’s a big movement to stop bullfighting in Spain, and some cities (like Barcelona) have already banned it =)


This is the most amazing church that I have ever been to, Antoni Gaudi’s la Sagrada Familia.  Gaudi is a well-known architect who has signature buildings peppered throughout Barcelona, but this was my fave. Construction began in 1882, and as you can see, it is still going on in the 21st century!  This basilica is HUGE, extraordinarily detailed, and even more stunning on the inside. I didn’t have my wide angle back then, so I couldn’t even fit the whole thing in my lens.


You can also see how ginormous this church is from this shot I took when we were up – wait for it “Friends” fans – Mount Tibidabo!  it’s a little grey, but you can see La Sagrada Familia in the middle of the pic, towering over the rest of the Barcelona skyline.



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