The Greatest Book Store in the World

I love bookstores, and as they more and more frequently become a thing of the past, I have gained a real appreciation for the ones left standing. On a trip to Porto, Portugal, Darcie and I stumbled onto a gem of a bookstore, the Lello Bookshop. It was originally opened in 1869, but in 1906 moved to its current location. And for those Harry Potter fans, JK Rowling is said to have been inspired by this bookshop. The prominent feature is the beautiful spiral staircase, but the carved wood panels and natural lighting also really work well.

Spain & Portugal Nikon (252) (Small)

Here’s a little description about the store.

Spain & Portugal Nikon (255) (Small)

The staircase is such a marvel. But look at the stained glasswork and just the detail in the architecture. Bravo!

Spain & Portugal Nikon (251) (Small)

And in case you were wondering about the rest of Porto, here are some other random pics from our trip.  I can’t remember why exactly we opted for Porto, rather than the main town of Lisbon in Portugal, but I’m glad we did. It was a quaint town with a big river running through out.Spain & Portugal Nikon (153) (Small)

It had a distinct pirate vibe to it down by the waterfront.Spain & Portugal Nikon (392) (Small)

It’s no coincidence that the name of the town is Porto. The town is world famous for their port wines, which they make by the barrels. Spain & Portugal Nikon (371) (Small)

Barrels and barrels and barrels.Spain & Portugal Nikon (366) (Small)

We had lazy days in Porto, walking the waterfront and taking siestas.Spain & Portugal Nikon (334) (Small)

The town had a little bit of a gothic feel to it. Now that I’m looking at this, it actually kind of reminds me of City Center in Philadelphia.Spain & Portugal Nikon (249) (Small)

From across the river you can see all of the port wineries.Spain & Portugal Nikon (229) (Small)

I spent a good deal of time taking pictures of the local people in Portugal. Hawaii has a lot of portuguese people and I couldn’t get over the striking resemblance to locals.

Spain & Portugal Nikon (209) (Small)

They were really friendly and a lot of them were really into posing for the camera 😉

Spain & Portugal Nikon (197) (Small)

I can never get enough of European architecture.Spain & Portugal Nikon (181) (Small)

The fashion and hairstyles in Europe gets me every time. Spain & Portugal Nikon (180) (Small)

I don’t do a lot of planning before my trips, otherwise I would NOT have missed out on this. The day before we had arrived, Porto held their annual Sao Joao festival. It’s  not as well known as say, Carnival in Rio, but it probably should be. During Sao Joao, which originally started as a festival of lovers, people hit each other on the head with giant plastic hammers and shower each other with leis made of garlic cloves. Completely odd and totally wonderful. I am bummed we missed this by just one day. The remnants of the party, however, were still everywhere.Spain & Portugal Nikon (174) (Small)

Just some art on a random building.Spain & Portugal Nikon (154) (Small)

The colors in this city really popped. All along the waterfront there are these little outdoor eateries with really good fresh fish and other seafood. Spain & Portugal Nikon (157) (Small)I’ll be sure to post more Porto pics down the road, but that’s it for now!






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