The Harpa Opera House in Iceland

You might be wondering why I’m dedicating an entire post to one building in Iceland. It’s because Harpa, the Concert Hall and Opera House in Reykjavik, is pretty much the only modern structure you’ll find in Iceland. The project was partially abandoned when Iceland’s economy tanked, but they resumed construction in 2008 and it was finally completed in 2011. I didn’t get a chance to go inside, but I did manage to catch a real nice fiery sunset one night while walking around Reykjavik by myself.

b (2) (Small)

All of the windows light up at night, and as you can see, they’re all angled. My dad’s an architect, so buildings like these really fascinate me.IMG_8023 (Small)

I’m really not sure if it was intentional, but the building looks like a floating iceberg, especially when you view it from the front of the reflecting pond. I sat here for a while at sunset, drinking some red wine and shooting pictures. A homeless man kind of came up and started hassling me, but he left after a while, and it was really the only time during my entire stay where I felt even remotely bothered traveling by myself. And it really wasn’t that big of a deal, which says a lot about the safety of the country.P1060786 (Small)

I tend to think I have a knack for being able to tell when the sunset’s going to be on fire based on cloud patterns throughout the day. I just had a feeling about this one, so I headed out to the bay a little early and planted shop.P1060760 (Small)

The view from behind Harpa is just as unique as the one out front. P1060761 (Small)

This was just a weird glitchy thing my iPhone did when I tried to shoot a panorama, because the exposures were so vastly different from frame to frame. P1060756 (Small)

The sunset just kept morphing and I just kept shooting. I was pretty much by myself most of the time, except for a group of friends who were taking jumping pictures. P1060749 (Small)

It was really one of those moments where I was just stoked beyond belief that I was doing exactly what I wanted to be doing in life.P1060746 (Small)

These are just some shots testing different in-camera filters on my LX5 …P1060741 (Small)

P1060734 (Small)

This was the view of the other side of the pier if you turned around looking back toward Reykjavik. It wasn’t half bad either.IMG_9428 (Small)

And just a couple more panoramas …IMG_9427 (Small)

IMG_9430 (Small)

IMG_9423 (Small)

IMG_9361 (Small)

Oh and I probably shouldn’t end on this note, and it’s quite random, but I was definitely caught off guard to see them selling cigarettes in the bar. How very vintage. And on that note, ciao!IMG_8033 (Small)


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