The Jameson Distillery in Ireland

In 2011, I did a girl’s trip to Ireland. And what else would 5 girls in Ireland do but hit up the Jameson Distillery?? Haha. I’ll admit, not a lot of women like whiskey, but I do. I prefer it actually, to a lot of different liquors, and Jameson is one of my faves. So when I found out they did tours of the distillery, I was stoked.

P1080305 (Small)

Unfortunately for us, we had missed the last tour, “but the lounge will remain open if you like.” We like. P1080300 (Small)

It was quite cold while we were there, so we tried a variety of hot drinks. Irish whiskeys, of course. P1080301 (Small)

I think this was a hot tea and whiskey. Who knew.

P1080302 (Small)

And then we signed up for a tasting. The premium tasting, which I highly recommend, features a regular Jameson Premium, a Special Reserve 12  Year, a Gold Reserve, and a Limited Edition 18 Year. YUM. P1080690 (Small)

Nicole opted out of the distillery, so it was just me, Rena, Tanya, and Gerri. P1080721 (Small)

Oh, and this guy. Ben, from Italy.

P1080712 (Small)

“Don’t touch my whiskey.” P1080694 (Small)

“Jusssst kidding, I love you.” P1080701 (Small)

The cool thing about the tasting is that it isn’t in a room, it’s right in the main lobby, which has a very gothic feel and high ceilings. Tre cool.

P1080303 (Small)

Tanya snuck away and came back from the gift shop with these bad boys.

P1080693 (Small)

So we all followed suit. I picked up several of these mini flasks for people back home. Needless to say, they were a hit.P1080709 (Small)

Gerri scooped some  up too. PS – yes, we all bought Guiness shirts at the Guiness Factory. And we all wore them religiously. Kind of regretting not buying a Jameson one too.

P1080705 (Small)

Ben was outnumbered 5 to 1, poor guy. P1080706 (Small)

Now this is my kind of bar. P1080686 (Small)

So to summarize, go to the Jameson Distillery in Dublin. Do the tasting. And buy some flasks.

P1080692 (Small)



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