Venice. Just Venice.

Venice is one of those places that is not at all overrated. I freakin’ LOVED Venice. And I actually think it’s one of the few places that I’d break my “one time only” rule for. Especially because you never can tell when the water levels are going to rise high enough to permanently shut down access to this wonderful little city. I mean, just look at it. Oh – AND the entirety of Venice and all of its lagoons is a UNESCO site. BONUS.


When you first arrive to Venice via train, you’ll be amongst a sea of other tourists.MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

And then you take your water taxi to your hotel. Darcie’s dad let us use his miles for our hotel, so we were in some of the best accommodations I’ve ever stayed in. Mahalo uncle =)MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

Instead of parking garages, they’ve got boat stops out front. MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

You can plainly see in this pic how rising water levels, which happens quite frequently in Venice, can be a real problem for both visitors and locals.


This city is not for those who get motion sickness. MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

Piazza San Marco is  the main square in Venice, and it is home to millions of tourists and pigeons.


People were playing with the pigeons, letting them land on their heads, etc. But I really am not a fan of these birds. At all.0343809-R1-006-1A (Small)

Darcie and I couldn’t get over how pretty this city is. MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

My dad, an architect, would just love this place. MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

Back in the day I used to shoot film, and I had this great little Canon 35 mm that was both waterproof and shot panoramics. To this day, the quality of the prints from this camera are among the best I’ve ever seen. I had some of the pics converted to digital, but there’s too much quality loss to tell how good it really was.

0343809-R1-008-2A (Small)

Darcie and I didn’t ride any gondolas, but if I ever go back there with a special guy, you can bet I’ll be taking that gondola ride!

0343809-R1-020-8A (Small)

Okay I won’t lie, it was a little tempting.

0343809-R1-022-9A (Small)

San Marco is home to the church where you’ll find the casket of Saint Mark. MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA


Italian dessert and limoncello? yes, please.


We also sampled the local beers. MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

This picture is out of order, but we took a boat ride over to the Murano Islands, where they make the world famous Murano glass. More on that later. 0343809-R1-018-7A (Small)

I’m not really a museum person, but Darcie wanted to check out the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, so we stopped in. 0343803-R1-043-20 (Small)

I have been to a couple other Guggenheim museums, but I didn’t realize that this is the actual museum where her body rests. 0343803-R1-031-14 (Small)

Apparently Peggy was a huge dog lover. Buried alongside her are her “beloved babies,” the 13 dogs she owned throughout her life. They’ve got really interesting names.

DSC01010 (Small)

I couldn’t quite catch the theme of the gallery that was showing when we got there, but this was one of the more … interesting pieces. 0343803-R1-033-15 (Small)

Okay, maybe the theme was horses?0343803-R1-041-19 (Small)

And mor egondolas.


Gambling is big in Venice. MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

One thing I should probably mention about Venice is that if you’re not going by waterway (in other words, if you’re walking), prepare to get very very lost. Multiple times. The streets in venice are the most insanely confusing streets of anywhere in the world. Even the locals will admit to getting lost. And that’s coming from someone who prides herself on her navigational skills. Things may be different now, with the advent of smart phones and GPS, but I’d be willing to be even google maps will steer you wrong at least once during your travels. The point is, build some extra time in your day for a few missteps. MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

This is how the locals get in and out of their houses. Check out the clothes drying line up top. Such a different and unique lifestyle. We spoke with some locals from Venice who were frustrated because the property values in the area were going sky high as more and more outsiders came in to buy up the finite amount of property that they did have. I found it highly relatable, as it’s a recurring theme here in Hawaii too.


If you’ve ever been to Italy, you’re very familiar with these signs. They are often accompanied by a guard saying “Nooooooo photo. Nooooo Photo.”MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

Just a bunch of Italians working the gondola booth. 0343809-R1-004-0A (Small)

We caught this random performance at St. Mark’s one night. Beautiful Italian music. 0343809-R1-038-17A (Small)

So this is the murano glass that I referred to earlier. We headed over to the Murano Islands via boat to pick some up. MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

While there, we watched some of the glass makers in action. 0343809-R1-016-6A (Small)

It was cool, but if you ask me, you can definitely skip the trip to murano. They sell enough of the glass in Venice and there’s really nothing much more to see over there.


I’m not a cannoli person, but since I gobbled up all the gelato I bought within seconds, I didn’t  have any pictures of that. So you get a cannoli photo instead 😉


Venezia selfie. DSC00979 (Small)

It may not look like much, but look at how cheap these mini pizzas are! And I mean, how can you not eat pizza in Italia?


Venezia <3

We were there in the summer, and everywhere else in Italy was bright and sunny, but Venice was quite rainy while we were there. MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

It was so rainy actually, that we got caught in the middle of a rainstorm while trying to walk home one night. We took cover in a small tunnel under a bridge and were stuck there with several other people who were trying to stay dry as well. For some reason, Darcie didn’t seem cheery about it 😉MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

And that’s about it for Venice. Hope to run into you there on my next trip =)0343809-R1-002-00A (Small)


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