Vienna in 2008

Vienna was kind of our spot. We “lived” in Vienna for about a month, so it was by far the most amount of time we spent in one place during our program. It was a pretty cool town and by the end we fancied ourselves locals.

Flex Nightclub, located on the Danube river, is one of Europe’s most famous nightclubs. We hit it up on the regular, and it’s where I first fell in love with european electronic music. In fact, it may have been this precise moment, when I got up on stage with the DJ. I kinda wanna go back and see what music they’re playing now that will catch on in the United States 5 years later.


This is Dustin. He was co-leader of this Vienna pub crawl that we did at least three times during our stay. He was an American playing professional european soccer. And yes, that is corn on my pizza. And you thought it only went great with gyoza!


One weekend the rest of the girls headed off to Munich, but Tiff, Sophia, and I stayed behind and cooked a massive spaghetti dinner for the boys. And we may or may not have done the world’s largest group rendition of “I’m a little Tea Spout.”


Oh, we also went swimming in the Danube River. How many people can say they’ve done that?



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