What to do on a 10-Day Trip to Hawaii

Last spring, Tommy (aka the Best. Guy. Ever.), who I met while traveling through Europe in 2011, made the long trek from Montana to Hawaii for an epic 10-day adventure!! We spent a few days on Oahu, where we hiked Olomana, swam Waimea Bay, and “made sales with Ryan.” Then we spent the majority of our trip back home on Kauai. I gave him the insider’s tour that I save for only the most worthy of visitors … We covered every inch of the island, from North to South and Sea to Mountain Top! Caves, Waterfalls, Freshwater pools, Saltwater pools, Boat Rides, Private Beaches, Hiking into the Clouds – you name it – we did it!

I mean, look how much fun we had on just one quick stop on one of our days. Man, looking at these pics makes me feel like this epic trip deserves a real blog post. Perhaps one day!!


In any event, I wanted to post these videos for people who may be wondering “what is there to do in Hawaii,” or “why should I go to Hawaii over Mexico or the Bahamas?” Hopefully this video will help you answer those haunting questions.  And if you need more motivation, feel free to follow me on Instagram (@sparkitysparkz), Facebook (SparkzTravels), YouTube (SparkitySparkz) and Trover (Sparkz). I post different content on all the platforms.  Anyway, check out the video for yourself and drop a comment if you have any questions about any of the things we did!

And as a bonus, here’s Tommy’s quick and dirty recap of the entire ten days:


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